Primary Arts of Language
Kindergarten to Grade 2
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Bible Heroes Writing Lessons
Get to know the heroes of the Bible while learning to write with structure and style.

These lessons are designed to be used by an instructor who has been through the Teaching Writing: Structure & Style seminar, either live or on DVD.
Dress-Ups, Decorations and Delightful Diversions
Inspire and motivate students to write with impressive style! This delightful collection of lessons and activities are perfect for teaching and mastering the IEW decorations and advanced dress-ups. 
Advanced Communication Series - Spiral Notebook
This spiral-bound book includes 20 pages of seminar handouts containing the models, exercises, and samples presented during each class, as well as the newly created lesson plans and other supplemental materials
Teaching with Games - 
2 CD Set & Spiral Notebook
Teaching with Games makes it simple to use games to teach and review concepts in any subject area. This book includes many original games, and the DVD workshop (sold separately) demonstrates how to quickly and easily adapt the games to any subject, any grade level, and almost any number of players.
Primary Arts of Language - Reading
Student Notebooks
Would you rather have us print out your PAL student e-books for you?

These books, included as e-books on the Primary Arts of Language: Reading DVD-ROM, are for use with Primary Arts of Language: Reading Complete Package or Primary Arts of Language: Reading Teacher’s Manual.
Primary Arts of Language - Writing
Student Notebooks
Would you rather have us print out your PAL student e-books for you?

The Student Book (274 pages divided into 3 sections, spiral bound) is included as an e-book on the Primary Arts of Language: Writing DVD-ROM and is for use with Primary Arts of Language: Writing Complete Package or Primary Arts of Language: Writing Teacher’s Manual.
Student Resource Notebook

New and experienced IEW students will be delighted by the abundant writing helps in this resource—Models of Structure, Style Charts, Word Lists, Decorations, Grammar Rules, and much more.
Speech Boot Camp
Spiral Notebook

This book contains reproducible handouts for “trainees” and lesson plans with evaluation forms for the parent/facilitator. Lesson plans provide for either a four-day intensive or an eleven-week course.
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Excellence in Writing.

In order to succeed in every area of life, students must hone the skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively. Whether your students are eager learners or reluctant writers, the Institute for Excellence in Writing's award-winning approach to teaching writing will give you the tools you need to confidently teach your students to not only write well, but to think clearly, and to express themselves eloquently and persuasively.

Whether you have a Grade 4 student, or are in fourth year university, Excellent Resources provides skill training in Blended Structure and Style for all writers. This ingenious "writing method" pioneered by Dr. J.B. Webster, and refined over the years through Andrew Pudewa and the Institute for Excellence in Writing in the U.S., and by Master Teachers Bev and Bryan Rempel in Canada, has produced many thousands of extraordinarily capable writers.

The resources found on these pages are designed to provide simple and easy to follow step-by-step instruction in teaching writing that have been used successfully in schools, home school and online school environments.
"Excellence in Writing" Programs
Year after Year
Webster's Academy for Excellence in Writing provides students short-term, live, online courses with trained teachers...

Webster's Academy is continually developing new and more in depth writing courses for students progressing through the live classes. Added this year, courses include: Novel Study, Creative Structures 1 & 2, Advanced Essay Writing 3 and Exam Prep.
New for 2014
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When you need an extra boost from a trained qualified and caring instructor, Webster's is the perfect compliment to the Excellence in Writing Program.
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All New Fix It! 
for All Grades
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TimeLine of the Classics
by Gail Ledbetter

Discover a resource that will become a treasure to your family! Created to save planning time and research, this chronological index of classic world literature reveals a panoramic view of world history.

Story Quest
Creative Writing Guide for Story-Writing Workshops.

Inspire your students to write creative and enjoyable stories. Start a summer story club, or integrate into your regular curriculum.

High School Essay Intensive
Spiral Notebook

High school students will gain tools for tackling the timed SAT or ACT essay exam, as well as strategies for crafting personal essays for college applications.
This spiral-bound book contains the seminar handouts for the High School Essay Intensive DVD course.
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